Let’s just all stop and appreciate the pants I was wearing when I met Tyler, the Creator. The title “preppy soccer mom” doesn’t even do this outfit justice. Cannot contain emotions.

Me taking an awkward photo with Tyler.

Do you ever see a picture of lucas and cry your eyes out

mmmm…nope. lol

» Asked by Anonymous

What is a good way to start a conversation with him?

Hey, what’s up? That was a great show, right?

Idk, I normally rely on my spur of the moment awkwardness. 

» Asked by Anonymous

Can Lucas play guitar?

i don’t know. i’m sure he is very talented.

» Asked by misssy721

do you know if Lucas is still dating tallulah?

i believe he is!

» Asked by Anonymous

hey!! do you know if lucas goes with tyler on his solo tours?

hmm.. i’m not sure. but if they are selling shirts, he might!

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Don’t know if i posted this already. Too lazy to scroll back. Enjoy.